Linguistic analysis in literary appreciation. An approach through feeling

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Autore: Christine Shaw Valerio
Anno edizione: 1995
Pagine: 390 p.

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“The key to this linguistic approach to literary appreciation is the firm belief that in whatever we read, there can be but one interpretation: the one willed by the author. If the author is to convey what he feels, it is not enough for him to describe it: he must provoke a reaction which will evoke that self-same feeling in the reader. He must use all the means in his power to evoke that feeling. In the words of John Middleton Murry: to communicate an emotion is to impose an emotion’ I The effort the author makes is immense: the more strongly he feels about something, the more intense the emotion, the greater his need to share it, and the greater the effort he must make.” (dall’Introduzione)


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